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Yet Another Street Photography Blog

Indeed, another one.

My name is Nicolas Zielinski and I’m based in Paris, France.

I’m not exclusively a street photographer, but I wanted to have a blog about street photography because that’s what I enjoy the most.
I just love the candid look that people have when you shoot them without asking, and the funny scenes that sometimes happen in the streets.
Shooting the Eiffel Tower is cool, but shooting people in the face give yourself way more adrenaline. Actually, I think street photography is a bit like hunting, except people you shoot don’t die, so it’s better.

Anyway, I’ll talk about this, also about gear, about stuff, and show my pictures.

For the moment you can have a look at my Facebook Page and my flickr stream.

Stay tuned !

At The Bus Stop

At The Bus Stop – Paris – July 2012 – Pentax K-r – SMC A-50/1.7